Things to Remember While Out on Bail

Armstrong county bail bondsYou messed up. Or you simply were at the wrong place at the wrong time. You’re in jail and the only way you’re getting out is by posting bail — with funds you simply don’t have. Fortunately, you can get the bond money you need regardless of how high the amount is at a price you can afford. Once you’re out, though, keep a few things in mind to keep your total costs low and reduce the likelihood of stricter penalties from the legal system.

Meet All of Your Court Dates
As one of the foremost Armstrong county bail bonds providers and one of the most reliable bond providers in much of Pennsylvania, we tell our clients one thing above all else: follow directions and meet all of your court dates. Don’t even be a minute late. Plan ahead and get there even if you have to leave several hours early and pay a little extra for a ride instead of the bus. If you meet all of your dates, you’ll owe a lot less because the legal system will refund your bond.

Earn as Much as You Can
If you wind up sentenced to jail, you won’t have much opportunity to earn income to save for your future and provide for your loved ones. You may even lose your job and struggle to find a new one upon your release. Make the most of your time out of jail. Ask for extra hours and pick up side jobs so long as they meet the standards your attorney recommends.

Keep Your Nose Clean
You don’t want anything to do with any potentially illegal situations while awaiting trial. Stop hanging out with anyone still engaging in illegal activity, stay busy, and stay away from drugs (even seemingly harmless ones such as marijuana).

At Liberty Bail Bonds, we want you to succeed with this second chance that has been given to you through the opportunity to post bail and await trial from the comfort of your own home. Even if you don’t think you can afford bail, you can with the help of our fast-acting local bondsmen. Call us as soon as possible after your arrest.

Are There Any Advantages to Letting a Loved One Stay in Jail Pre-Trial?

Adams county bail bondsIt’s not exactly a call you look forward to getting: a friend or family member is in jail and he needs your help to post bail. Part of you might feel like your loved one should do his time — especially since you don’t easily have access to the necessary cash anyway. However, there really are no advantages to letting someone you care about stay in jail before his trial, and you absolutely can get the cash you need for bail if you know who to call.

Getting the Money Fast
Liberty Bail Bonds offers Adams County bail bonds to those who need them quickly. Our fees are affordable and very competitive. So long as the person out on bail meets all of their court dates, the legal system refunds the bond and you’re out only a small fee. So long as you trust your loved one not to run, then you won’t have to ever worry about raising all of the necessary money.

Providing a Second Chance
A person who awaits trial in jail does nothing productive. A person out on bail can continue attending work or school and potentially earning money to pay you back for your contribution toward the bail. Even if he eventually winds up sentenced to jail, this opportunity will allow his family and anyone depending on him to better prepare for his absence.

An Opportunity to Heal
It’s hard to forgive someone who’s not actively seeking your forgiveness, but if your loved one is stuck in jail, she won’t have the opportunity to reach out to you to heal the rift between you. Get your friend or family member out on bail and use that chance to spend quality time together to better understand how things went wrong.

Ask a Liberty Bail Bonds representative about securing bail for your friend or family member today. We’re available for extended hours every day of the week, and the sooner you contact us, the faster we can act to secure the arrested person’s release. Our local bail agents work quickly to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

Can Cops Lie?

When you’re speaking with a police officer, it’s important that you keep yourself legally safe. Therefore, you need to know what your legal rights are and which myths about cops are true.

The word on the street has seemingly always been that cops cannot lie. For example, if someone is taking part in a drug deal with an undercover cop, and blatantly asks him if he is a police officer, then the officer must tell the truth.

However, this myth is simply not true. If it were, undercover operations would be arguably pointless; and no cop would jeopardize his investigation or safety by admitting to the fact that he or she is a cop.

In fact, cops have the right to lie about anything. They can claim they have evidence, witnesses, or confessions from others simply to encourage a confession. They can also claim certain information stays between you and him/her, but this too is false. Nothing you say to a police officer is ever off the record. Confessing won’t always guarantee you a more lenient sentence, either, regardless of what the cop may attempt to promise you.

Because of this, it’s best to state (and repeat, if necessary) that you’d like to remain silent and speak to your lawyer. It’s your best legal defense.

At Liberty Bail Bonds, we believe you’re innocent until proven guilty. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, we’re here to assist you with Pennsylvania bail bonds.

How a Judge Determines Bail Amounts

bail bond in PittsburghAn individual typically finds out the cost of their bail soon after being arrested and booked at the local police station. While some may be under the impression that their bail amount is arbitrarily decided, there are some major factors that can influence your bail amount.

Seriousness of the Crime
As expected, the more serious the crime, the higher the bail will be set. The current amount of evidence and likelihood of conviction are also considered. In rare cases, bail can even be denied completely if the judge feels the defendant poses a threat to others.

Criminal Record
The court system tends to be less lenient towards repeat offenders. The more criminal activity on the defendant’s record, the higher the bail will be set. Also, if the defendant has a history of not appearing to court sessions in the past, the judge may increase their bail as they are considered a flight risk. Bail could also be denied if the defendant has an outstanding warrant.

Personal Status
The defendant’s employment situation, close relationships or current standing in the community can all have an effect on bail amounts. Someone with a stable job, a dependent family and a good reputation in the community is less likely to jump bail if released.

Are you in need of a bail bond in Pittsburgh from a trustworthy source? Contact a local bail bondsman at Liberty Bail Bonds.

What to Do if a Loved One Gets Arrested on Christmas

The holidays are approaching, and they’re typically a time to take a break from your traditional work or school routine, relax with family or celebrate with friends. However, the seasonal fun can instantly come to an end if someone in your family ends up behind bars. Due to extreme frustration, it’s not uncommon for family members to simply leave the defendant behind bars for the night in hopes of teaching them a lesson.

However, what some may not realize is that the courts have up to three business days to present someone in custody to a judge. This puts them in jeopardy of missing school or work; and losing a job can lead to even more family drama. Not to mention, jails are a simply scary place; and just because someone was initially booked at a small, local police department lock-up doesn’t mean they don’t run the risk of being sent off to the county jail if the local station gets too crowded.

If a loved one gets arrested this holiday season, try to remain calm. Gain as much information about the arrest as possible, and contact a provider of Philadelphia bail bonds.

Pennsylvania Bail Bonds: The Basics

Pennsylvania bail bondsWhen it comes to bail bonds or any legal matters, don’t trust Law & Order or NCIS as a valid source for information regarding America’s court system. If you aren’t entirely sure on what precisely bail bonds are or how they are used, here is some key information that you’ll want to know before trying to bust yourself, a friend or family member out of jail.

What is a Bail Bond?
A bail bond is a payment that the defendant has the option to pay in order to leave jail until his or her time of trial. The payment is a way the fourth will ensure the accused will later appear at a future court date. Once bail is posted, it can take anywhere from several minutes to 24 hours for the defendant to be released from jail.

What is a Bail Bondsman?
A bail bondsman will post the bail for the defendant after a family member or friend of the defendant pays at least 5% of the fee as a down payment. This is extremely helpful when the defendant’s family or friends cannot afford to pay the bail amount upfront.

Jail is a scary prospect for both the incarcerated and their family and friends. For more assistance with Pennsylvania bail bonds, contact Liberty Bail Bonds today.