Should You Ask for a Jury Trial?

Courtroom, Benches, Seats, Law, JusticeIf you’re already in the process of seeking a local bail bondsman, you are likely already aware that the United States court system has two types of trials: bench trials or jury trials. Being aware of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each is an important part of preparing for your trial. Your attorney may also be able to advise which choice of trial is best for your case.

Bench Trial
At a bench trial, there is no jury involved. A judge decides the credibility of the presented evidence, and decides what happens at the trial according to laws and rules of procedure. You have witnessed a bench trial if you’ve ever seen an episode of Judge Judy. A bench trial is a good option if you choose to represent yourself in court. You won’t have to worry about making an opening statement, selecting a jury, or paying jury fees. You will just need to plead your case to the judge who will make the final decision.

Jury Trial
A jury trial involved members of the community to act as the finder of fact. The jury listens to the evidence presented by each side and renders a verdict. The judge handles questions of law and procedure during a jury trial. A jury trial may be more beneficial for you if there is an emotional element to your case, as a jury may be sympathetic to your case and rule in your favor more likely than a judge would.

Facing Your Children After an Arrest

­­­Lackawanna county bail bondsPerhaps you had too many drinks one evening after work, and you decided to drive instead of calling a cab. Perhaps you found yourself in an altercation and your anger got the best of you. Regardless of the reason for your arrest, you have a child that is likely unaware of what’s going on or how it can affect them. How should you and your family address a legal situation when children are involved?

Be Honest
Children cope better when you are honest with them about what has transpired and where their loved one is going. A sudden disappearance without any explanation can leave them confused and scared, and they may begin to imagine that something worse has happened. Avoid lying by saying you’re going on vacation or a business trip; your child is likely to find out the truth down the line, and it’s best for him or her to hear it from a loved one.

Keep It Simple
Although you should be honest, refrain from revealing any unnecessary details, especially if the crime was violent. Simply say what happened, how long you will be away for, and that you being away does not change how you feel about them. Encourage the child to write letters.

Get Help
After explaining the situation to your child, he or she may still be confused or upset. If this is the case and your child demonstrates a change in behavior, have them speak with a licensed professional.

If you have a loved one that’s been arrested and you need help with obtaining Lackawanna county bail bonds, contact us at 1-888-990-3993.

How Long Does The Bail Process Take?

Adams county bail bondsTo get released on bail as quickly as possible, this is where the convenience and speed of Adams County bail bonds comes in. At Liberty Bail Bonds, we know how to get your loved one released from jail quickly. If you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, contact us to learn just how quickly we can secure their release.

When someone is arrested, they will be booked into the county jail. This can take some time, as it includes the processes of fingerprinting, searching the national crime database, and more. Once processed, the first hearing can sometimes occur on the same day of the arrest, or the next day. Bail is set for most defendants, but if they’ve committed a serious or violent offense, or pose a flight risk, bail may be denied.

For those who have the funds to pay their full bail amount, they will only be in jail for as long as it takes to access the money (usually with the help of a friend or family member). However, as many people do not have the large amounts of money available to pay their bail in full, working with a bail bondsman in Pennsylvania is a good option. Bail bondsmen only charge a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee to obtain the defendant’s release, and will help you with arranging bail as soon as possible.

What is an Arraignment?

Lackawanna county bail bonds

Not everyone is familiar with all the legal jargon related to the criminal justice system. We understand that it can be challenging to understand all that is involved with the arrest, booking, release, and trial process. At Liberty Bail Bonds, we have the knowledge necessary to assist you through the system as you obtain Lackawanna County bail bonds. Today, we’ll discuss arraignments and how they relate to the bail process.


After a suspect has been arrested and booked into jail, their first hearing is known as the arraignment. This takes place in the presence of a magistrate or judge, and typically occurs within 48-72 hours following the arrest. The purpose of an arraignment is:

  • Formally inform the defendant of their charges
  • Allow the defendant to apply for court-appointed defense
  • Allow the defendant to enter their plea
  • Set arrangements for later court dates

At the arraignment, the defendant will be provided with the written accusation of the charges they are facing, and they are able to apply for a lawyer. If a person posted a bail bond and was released after their arrest, the date of the arraignment is usually delayed for a couple of weeks.

Reasons to Work with a Pennsylvania Bond Company

Pensylvania bail bond companyThe U.S. justice system revolves around a fundamental principle: when a defendant is charged with a crime, they are innocent until proven guilty. For this reason, a defendant is often granted the opportunity to post bail as they wait to appear in court. If you ever find yourself in jail, here are some reasons you should work with a Pennsylvania bail bond company:

Avoid Jails
Jails are overcrowded and often dangerous, and remaining in jail longer than necessary can put you at risk. Working with a Pennsylvania bail bond company will help you get out return to the safety of your home.

Access to a Lawyer
Typically, a public defender will be appointed to represent a defendant that is unable to afford a lawyer.  However, if you post cash bail, the court may assume you have access to funds (and then refuse to appoint you a lawyer).

Posting cash bail on your own behalf may become public information. An arrest is embarrassing, and can alter your stance with your employer. With a bail bond agent, everything can be handled discretely.

Save Money
Giving the court cash for bail increases the chance that it will be used for fines and court costs. In some cases, these can be higher than if a surety bond was used.

Being Released on Your Own Recognizance, or “OR”

Lackawanna county bail bondsAfter an arrest, the suspect’s immediate concern is simply getting out of jail; and sometimes, the suspect will be released on his or her own recognizance. Someone released on his or her own recognizance is permitted to leave jail with the promise that they will show up later on their court date, without having to post bail. This is similar to how a person signs a document promising to appear in court for a traffic violation, but is otherwise free to go.

There are certain groups of defendants that may be more eligible for an OR than others. For example, a non-violent offender will typically be granted an OR before a violent offender. Additionally, if the court decides that a defendant cannot afford bond, they will sometimes grant them an OR so they can get out of jail. The terms of release can also include a certain degree of supervision from the court, such as periodic reporting to an officer or restricted travel.

However, if a defendant fails to appear at any of their court proceedings, or does not follow through with their promises to the court, they will be subject to immediate arrest. This means they will no longer be able to post bail.

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Felony Charges and Your Bail Options

local bail bondsmanWhen someone is arrested for a crime, especially a felony, one of their first questions to law enforcement is usually regarding their bail options. No one wants to stay in jail any longer than they have to, which is why prompt and efficient bail services are essential.

A felony is a crime that can be punishable by at least one year and one day of imprisonment. It can be categorized as a violent or non-violent offense. Typically, violent crimes will not be permitted bail at all, while non-violent felony crimes might. If your crime did not involve a person getting hurt (or a large amount of illegal drugs), bail will likely be permitted. Keep in mind that your existing criminal record and community reputation will also be considered, in addition to other factors.

When you’re arrested for a felony, you will be transported to a local police station for booking and processing. This will consist of fingerprinting, photos, etc. After these processes (which can vary in time depending on how busy the station staff is) is when you’ll find if you’re eligible for bail release.

For more information about bail and conditions for felony arrests, contact a local bail bondsman for the most up-to-date and specific industry answers.

What You Need to Know About Arrest Warrants

York County bail bondThe idea of going to jail makes for a highly emotional and stressful situation. If there is a warrant out for your arrest and you’re turning yourself in to law enforcement, it is vital for you to be prepared by learning all the facts surrounding arrest warrants, jail, and bail bonds. Doing this and facing your legal matters quickly is important in order to avoid additional penalties.

An arrest warrant is simply a legal order. If you are suspected of a crime, a judge will order an arrest warrant which instructs law enforcement to arrest you and take you into custody. Police have the ability to do this by knocking at your front door or even detaining you at your place of employment, so it’s crucial to take action on your own as soon as you learn of the order.

Typically, when you surrender yourself to law enforcement for a warrant, you must remain in county jail until you are processed into the system. Once this is done, you are free to post bond. You should contact a bail bondsman in your county to prearrange your release from jail. In minor cases, a bail bondsman can obtain a release for a person who turned themselves in within just a few hours.

When there’s a warrant out for your arrest, it’s important to act fast. Call Liberty Bail Bonds at 1.888.990.3993 for Pennsylvania and York County bail bond services you can trust.

The Advantages of Working with a Local Bond Company When Arrested

Beaver County bail bondsmanWhen you’re arrested, you’ve got a lot of worries and concerns fighting for space in your head — your eventual bond isn’t likely to be the first thing you think about. You might not even think you can afford to post bond regardless, so you buckle down to wait for your trial in jail. On the contrary, with the right bond company, you can afford to get out so you can continue working and get your affairs in order. When choosing a bail bond company, it’s best to choose a local one.

Faster Service
When arrested in Beaver County, a Beaver County bail bondsman will prove the fastest to respond. At Liberty Bail Bonds, we have bondsmen ready to assist in most counties in Pennsylvania. Because we’re so close by, we can get to the jail quickly to get you back to your everyday life to prepare for your court date.

More Personable Service
When you work with local bondsmen, you get face-to-face assistance to help guide you through the process. Both you and your loved ones can request the bond. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them and look over the individual circumstances to give you the most applicable answers.

More Affordable Service
When not dealing with a national “chain” of bond companies located throughout the entire country, you won’t have to pay “chain” prices. Your local fees won’t reflect the costs necessary to operate the business outside of your area, so it’ll prove affordable regardless of your budget.

At Liberty Bail Bonds, we offer free bond consultations and have extensive operating hours seven days a week, so you have no reason to hesitate when it comes to making that call. Regardless of the severity of the crime, our experienced bondsmen can help. Call as soon as possible after an arrest.

The Easiest Way to a Second Chance After Arrest

Washington County bail bondsGetting arrested doesn’t have to mean the end to your daily routine and the life you’ve established. Many people look at it as the opportunity to start fresh; a new beginning. Whether or not you plead guilty to the charges, you can still work toward clearing your name of the shroud of this incident and living a more productive life in the future. It all starts with your second chance.

Post Bail
Contact Liberty Bail Bonds for Washington County bail bonds and bonds in Pennsylvania, because the best chance you have at a new beginning is to get out on bail as soon as possible and make the most of your time away from jail. Even if you don’t think you can afford bail, you can with our services.

Meet Your Court Dates
Show responsibility by meeting all of your court dates; this could prove essential to winning your case or reducing your sentence. It’s also necessary to keep the amount you owe the bail company to a nominal fee. If you don’t make a court date, your bond money is forfeited and you’ll have to pay the entire amount back.

Focus on Arranging Affairs
Continue to practice your daily routine as much as possible during your time out on bail. Work, pay bills, and save money to provide for those you might leave behind for a time after your trial. Decide how you want your affairs managed if you do go back to jail. This productive focus will prove an essential distraction during this stressful period.

Liberty Bail Bonds is proud to provide the opportunity for a second chance to countless arrested people – both those arrested for misdemeanors and those arrested for felonies. Your time out on bail is a chance to put your affairs in order, pay down debts, and save for your loved ones, regardless of the outcome of your case. Call us today; we’re open seven days a week.